About Us

Tuart Place is a resource service for adults who were in out-of-home care (care leavers) during their childhood. We provide counselling and support services, assist with family tracing and obtaining records, help in lodging complaints and provide support in learning computer and life skills.

The governing body of Tuart Place is Forgotten Australians Coming Together Inc. (FACT). FACT is Western Australia’s representative body for people who were in out-of-home care during childhood, including Former Child Migrants from the UK and Malta, and Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian-born care leavers.


Vale Laurie Humphreys
July 4,1933 – May 8, 2012

Tuart Place is dedicated to Laurie Humphreys
and his fellow founding members of Forgotten Australians Coming Together Inc

Together, they brought to life Laurie’s dream
of creating a resource service for West Australians
who experienced out-of-home-care during childhood

16 May 2012