Client Service Charter

People who use our service will:

  • Be treated with respect and sensitivity
  • Receive a service that is friendly and non-judgmental
  • Be treated according to their individual needs
  • Have their privacy respected
  • Receive clear information about their options
  • Be able to freely express their views without negative repercussions
  • Be invited to provide feedback that we will use to improve our services and performance

Copies of the Tuart Place Client Service Charter are displayed near our reception area and are available to new clients and participants.

Goals, Objectives & Values


To address the psycho-social needs and foster mutual support to enhance the overall wellbeing of people who experienced out-of-home care during childhood.


  • Provide a one-stop-shop (no wrong door) approach to overcome barriers to accessing services
  • Provide counselling, advocacy and other support services that are culturally appropriate and recognise the specialised needs of the participant group
  • Build and maintain productive relationships with other services, agencies and organisations

Our Values

Respect – We honour the personal experiences and stories of each person and adhere to a strengths-based recovery model

Integrity – We strive to be ethical and fair at all times and maintain a high level of professional conduct and accountability

Excellence – We constantly build our expertise and work to improve our effectiveness and efficiency

Community – We involve service users in the planning, design, and evaluation of our services and foster an environment of mutual support

Tuart Place aims to provide the highest quality service to its clients. We are committed to providing the most appropriate help and support while developing a sense of community among the staff and users of our service.  We actively seek feedback to inform and continually improve our model of service and practical service delivery. Compliments help to let us know what we do well, and suggestions or concerns help us to enhance our services and performance.