Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for Tuart Place participants, staff, volunteers, guests and visitors.

Our Code of Conduct below outlines the behaviour that is expected from staff, participants, guests and visitors. Please read it in conjunction with our Client Service Charter which sets out the service standards that people can expect from Tuart Place.

(Please note that permanent employees of Tuart Place are required to sign and adhere to the Employee Code of Conduct which includes detailed standards of professional and personal conduct).



Please keep people’s personal stories confidential, (except with their permission) so they can feel safe when they share their experiences.


We are a drop-in service and welcome many visitors. Please keep your belongings with you. Tuart Place accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal property.

Photography and filming

We value people’s privacy so please check with staff before taking any photographs or filming on our premises.  If you have our permission to take photos, please ensure you have the consent of the individuals concerned. If you intend to share media outside of Tuart Place please get permission first.

Drugs and alcohol

Safety for all people on our premises is vital and people who appear to be under the influence of drugs/and or alcohol may be asked to leave the centre.

Physical contact, inappropriate activities

People have different perceptions about what is appropriate physical contact and activity. Those who have had abusive experiences in childhood may be particularly sensitive to behaviours that could be viewed as sexual. These are not just about sex, but can include sexual jokes and innuendos, kissing, flirting, showing sexual literature or media, partial nudity and touching others. So that people can feel safe, we ask you to refrain from behaviours such as touching others without their consent and to avoid sexual talk and questions about other people’s sexuality.

Antisocial/ Intimidating behaviours

Shouting or swearing that is directed at others, intimidating gestures and body language, violence, threatening violence or verbally abusing others is not acceptable. Counselling and support is available if you have difficulty managing emotions.


Breaching this Code of Conduct may result in staff imposing any of the following sanctions:

  • A warning to stop the particular behaviour including informing the person of the consequences of not stopping
  • Temporary suspension from certain services and/or activities
  • Temporary suspension from the centre
  • Expulsion from attending the centre
  • Referral to legal authorities

Understanding, flexibility and sensitivity to the individual’s childhood background, will be taken into consideration when applying these sanctions.