Tuart Place is currently operating three days a week with core funding from Lotterywest and the State Government Department for Child Protection and Family Support. A small amount of money has also been received in donations from people with lived experience of out-of-home care and fundraising efforts by Tuart Place service users.


Laurie Humphreys Fund

In addition to these sources of funding, FACT Inc has established the Laurie Humphreys Fund (LHF). This fund is able to receive financial contributions to the work of Tuart Place from other sources including non-government past providers of institutional care. Many past providers have recognised their responsibility to help those who suffered from out-of-home care practices during their childhood and Tuart Place offers a great opportunity for tangible support to be provided. To date, contributions to the LHF have been made by the Christian Brothers, Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Nazareth and other major Past Providers of institutional care. There are no external conditions attached to financial contributions made to the LHF, other than furthering the objectives of Tuart Place.

While the core funding provided by Lotterywest and DCPFS is greatly appreciated, it is not sufficient to meet the current and potential needs of Tuart Place. The LHF can be called on to help sustain and expand the services provided to participants at Tuart Place. For this reason, FACT Inc intends to continue to source contributions to the Fund from all past providers and other interested parties to assist in achieving its goals.


Making a Donation

We are very grateful for any donations received. All donations help to sustain and expand the services we provide to participants at Tuart Place.

Donations of amounts over $2.00 are fully tax deductible.