Since it was formally launched in 2012, Tuart Place has received core operational funding from the Western Australian State Government, and it continues to receive essential financial support via the WA Department of Communities.

Since 2020, Tuart Place has been funded by knowmore Legal Service to provide support to survivors of institutional child sexual abuse engaging with the National Redress Scheme.

Equally important to the continuing operation of Tuart Place are the unconditional donations received from non-government organisations that formerly provided institutional care to children.

In addition to State Government grants, Tuart Place receives unconditional financial contributions from Catholic past providers the Christian Brothers, the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of Nazareth, and from other non-government past providers of institutional care in Western Australia.

Financial support from all past providers is greatly appreciated by the people of Tuart Place, and is consistent with the Healing and Reconciliation agenda initiated by Tuart Place participants.

The importance of past providers funding support services has been widely acknowledged.  For example, in its Report on Redress and Civil Litigation, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse noted that it is especially important for some survivors that support is ‘funded by the institutions responsible for the abuse’.

In addition to organisational donations, Tuart Place also receives donations from care leavers and from members of the general public.  Some care leavers make donations to Tuart Place as a way of ‘giving back’ to the organisation, and supporting our common goal of Growing Strong Together.


Making a donation

As a Public Benevolent Institution with Gift Deductible Recipient status, donations to Tuart Place are tax deductible.  Click on the button below to make a donation via PayPal.