Service Evaluations and Feedback

  • In 2018, 86 people responded to a survey that was mailed to 654 local participants. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with over 88% of respondents saying that as a result of support received from Tuart Place, they felt more confident, more at ease, more socially connected, more able to communicate with others, more able to find/ask for information and support, and more able to make changes in life. Comments included: “It’s completely changed my outlook”.  “I would not be alive today if it was not for the direct support of Tuart Place”.  “I do feel at ease and have less hassle in my life”“Communication skills have improved now that Tuart Place has been involved with making me feel confident in myself”.
    “Do we make a difference?” 2018 Survey


  • In 2017, 142 participants completed a survey regarding the Tuart Times newsletter and a proposed telephone support/outreach service. Feedback on The Tuart Times was overwhelmingly positive, with 72% per cent of respondents indicating that the newsletter is a ‘very important’ service’. “Thank you for the great newsletter, it really makes me feel connected.”   and  “It is a valuable method of bringing care leavers to find and share social and educational events.” were just two of the comments.
    Eighty per cent of survey respondents (94% of people who answered the questions about the proposed service) said they thought a telephone support service was a good idea, and 56 people left contact details and indicated they wanted to be contacted by phone.
    Tuart Times Survey 2017




  • “Safe and non-judgemental”, “a place where I can gain confidence and socialise with others”, “I recommend Tuart Place to others”, are just some of the comments from an anonymous questionnaire completed by 28 participants in November 2014.
    Feedback Fortnight