Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry

Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry Report

The final Report of Northern Ireland’s institutional abuse inquiry was published on 20-1-17, and is available at:

In the section of the Report relating to child migration (Module 2), Inquiry Chairman Sir Anthony Hart acknowledges and thanks Tuart Place for its contribution to the Inquiry, and its 2013 submission: Report on the Impacts and Outcomes of Child Migration Experienced by Former Child Migrants from Northern Ireland, which is appended to the HIAI Report.

Given the Inquiry’s initial stance of uncertainty on the ‘eligibility’ of former child migrants who could not recall their time in Northern Ireland’s Institutions, we were very pleased to see that the HIAI Report includes a recommendation for a ‘common experience’ payment to former child migrants.  The common experience payment may be augmented by ‘individual assessment’ payments for abuse/neglect in Northern Irish institutions, should the inquiry’s recommendations be adopted.

Report Implementation: The implementation of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry’s recommendations on redress has been entirely frustrated by the collapse of Northern Ireland’s government within days of the HIAI Final Report being delivered in January 2017.

The task of developing a redress process in NI is now in the hands of The Executive Office (TEO). The TEO has advised that legislation is being drafted to appoint a Redress Board, and a Commissioner for Victims and Survivors of Historical Institutional Abuse.  It will also set down the framework for a redress scheme including services, support and financial compensation. That legislation will not be completed before mid-2018, followed by a consultation period that “will allow the views of victims and survivors to be considered”.  This means that an NI redress scheme will not be underway before the end of 2018.

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