“When they have the lunches here or the Christmas party it’s altogether, it’s like a family sort of structure. And it’s really, really relaxing.”


“Oh, coming down to Tuart Place, I won’t miss it on a Monday. I just love it. We have a wonderful lunch and I see a lot of my friends that I grew up with and I’ve met new friends that I didn’t grow up with.


“I think if I had gone through life and never came to Tuart Place, and not made that commitment to learn, to heal, I think I still would have been a one hell of a mixed up individual human being.


“The staff are very approachable. They know who you are. They’re always willing to help, you don’t have to make appointments for two weeks’ time…..you can talk to any of the staff here, they’re so good.”


“They kept sending pamphlets out to me but I ignored them until one day I thought, well I’ll go see what’s going on. That first visit was very warm and welcoming so I decided to keep coming.


“The support group run by Susy here has been a great help to me and to others as well. As we got going, we got more confident, we opened up more and shared more of our real feelings and that was a big, big help for me.


“There’s no pressure here when you come, you know, you don’t have to talk straight up, you can just sit and listen for a while and you slowly get your confidence. Now I don’t stop talking! I’m very happy here.


“It’s the only place where I really, really feel safe. I tried doing counselling and addressing my problems through other organisations and just couldn’t do it. I just feel comfortable here. I’m not forced into anything. If I want to talk I can, if I don’t then I don’t have to and it’s just a really safe environment.”


“Someone asked me to describe Tuart Place and I said, “You walk off the streets of Fremantle into the building which used to be an old hotel with lots of worldly charm in it. I said everything’s laid on for you. There’s help, computers, cup of tea, it doesn’t cost a fortune, and you’re pointed in the right direction. The staff smile all the time.”