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The National Awareness Day Expo for Self-help and Support Groups is extremely well organised annually by the fantastic crew of Connect Groups. This free event is significant for networking with other organisations and creates opportunities for raising knowledge and awareness of our important cause. The Expo venue returned to the Perth Cultural Centre on Friday 25th of September. Between 8am to 2pm, Cevrina, John and Ron shared important information with members of the community about Forgotten Australians, Former Child Migrants and the high standard of effective services offered by Tuart Place staff, volunteers and participants. Not far from the memorial for Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants, Tuart Place volunteers proudly took their place among 27 organisations that offer support to people seeking a better quality of life.  Congratulations to all for another fantastic Expo success.

 Another Successful Sausage Sizzle

A big thank you to all our Tuart Place Social Activities Group Volunteers for donating their time and energy at our most recent Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on Saturday 28 February. Well done crew!

100 Years on... An Anzac Day Tribute to Clontarf Old Boy Laurence McCarthy VC

Written by Ron Love

McCarthy landed at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915, and apart from convalescence in England he was in that ill-fated campaign from start to finish. Near Madam Wood, east of Vermandovillers, France, on 23 August McCarthy performed what the official war historian rated as 'perhaps the most effective feat of individual fighting in the history of the A.I.F.,next to Jacka's at Pozières'. The 16th Battalion, with McCarthy commanding 'D' Company,had attained its objectives but the battalion on the left was unable to make headway.
They were held by German machine guns. McCarthy then determined to attack the nearest gunpost. With two others, McCarthy dashed across open ground under fire and succeeded in reaching the gun-post. leaving his men to continue the fire fight, McCarthy had outdistanced his comrades, and despite serious opposition and obstacles, he captured the gun and continued along the trenches, picking-up and using German bombs on his way. He inflicted heavy casualties and captured three more machine guns. McCarthy was joined by one of his men and together they continued to bomb the enemy in the trench. Engaging another enemy pocket, McCarthy shot two officers with his revolver. At this stage, being some 700 yards from his starting point. McCarthy had captured five machine guns and dispatched twenty of the enemy before a blood-stained handkerchief signalled the surrender of fifty occupants and reaching our adjoining unit the Lancashire Fusilier.