Your Right to Privacy

Tuart Place always respects the right to privacy. Our client records and all other sensitive information is strictly confidential. We adhere to the National Privacy Principles of the Commonwealth Privacy Amendment Act (2001). This privacy policy document outlines our policy and what that means for you.

Your Personal Information

We only collect personal information that is necessary to provide services to you. To provide counselling and other services to clients it is necessary for us to collect some personal information. We need to maintain a mailing list in order to provide information to you and to other members of the community.

Use of Information

If you receive our newsletter, your name and contact details will be stored on our mailing database. If you see a counsellor, we keep a record of information you provide. This includes information such as your name and contact details, information about your family, your history and any issues that we may be able to help with. We tell you how information about you is to be used. It is usually clear, for example, that the information is necessary to help you reunify with your family, apply for assistance or for us to record the services we provide to you. If you are unsure why the information is needed, please ask. We use some information for statistical purposes (for evaluation of our service and planning future services). Statistical reports do not include any identifying information.

Disclosure of Information

We keep information about you confidential to this agency unless you ask us to share it with another agency or person, or if we are required to do so by law. We will always ask your permission if we need to give information to other agencies in order to receive a service. Client names and other identifying information is not available to Board members or Patrons. No identifying client information is provided to funding bodies or donors.


We keep information about you up-to-date and accurate as much as possible. Please let us know of any changes so we can change our record to make sure it is accurate.


We keep information about you protected. All information whether on file, in the computer database or shared confidentially with a staff member, is considered strictly confidential. Files are always securely locked away, the computer database is password protected and staff will not discuss your situation with anyone without your permission.


You can access information we hold about you; if you wish to see your file please ask your counsellor or the Director of Tuart Place.

Privacy Policy Document

We regard privacy as a right and will do all we can to respect the trust you have placed in us. Feel free to contact Tuart Place if you have any questions about privacy issues.

Phone: (08) 6140 2380 or 1800 619 795


Mail: 24 High St, Fremantle, Western Australia, 6160

If you would like a copy of the Tuart Place Privacy Policy document, please ask a member of staff.

Retention and Disposal of Client Information

Client records are retained for at least seven years after contact has ceased. Confidentiality and security of client records are of paramount importance, and all sensitive information, both electronic and hard copy, is stored securely.


Tuart Place has a complaints handling process. If you have concerns about the protection of your privacy (or any other matter), please contact the appropriate staff member in the first instance. If the matter is still unresolved, please contact the Director of Tuart Place.


The Director of Tuart Place may make changes to this privacy policy as required.