Tuart Place is for anyone who was in out-of-home care in WA for any part of their childhood.  Out-of-home care includes:

  • foster homes,
  • orphanages,
  • juvenile correctional facilities and
  • other residential institutions for children.

Family members of care leavers are also eligible for some services at Tuart Place.

We’re always looking for volunteers at Tuart Place. If you’d like to offer some of your time and feel you’ve some skills to share, please call us to arrange a meeting to discuss volunteering opportunities.

Participants can catch a train (Fremantle Line) or bus to Fremantle Train Station and then it’s about a 10 min walk from there to Tuart Place. See the map on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

You’re very welcome to drop in and have a chat with staff and participants. We can let you know which of our services you’re eligible for and give you some alternative options if necessary.

Yes donations are fully tax deductible.

We can support you in applying for any records which may be held by government departments; past providers of children’s Homes, orphanages (both religious and non-religious); foster care; medical hospitals and health agencies.

We can give you information about how to apply yourself or they can apply on your behalf. Searching for and receiving records can be distressing and counselling and support is available during this process.

The Tuart Place community lunch is on every Monday at 12noon and has a relaxed family atmosphere. There is no charge for lunch but some people like to put a few coins in the donation box. (This is completely optional.)

If you give us your friend’s details we can try to assist you with reuniting with your friend. If they are on our database we can contact them on your behalf and ask them to contact you.

No appointment necessary, feel free to drop in between 9.00 and 4.30 on the days we are open (Mon, Wed, Thurs) and we’ll show you around, offer you a coffee or tea and run you through the different services you might be interested in. If an appointment is necessary, we will book it with you then.

Participants can access free one-on-one computer help each Thursday between 12-3pm. Please call us to make a booking.

Attendees meet weekly on a Wednesday morning, 10.15am – 12pm and can share their past experiences in a safe, relaxed, confidential and informal setting.

Free counselling with a trained professional is available at Tuart Place to anyone who has been in out-of-home care in childhood. One to one counselling or in a group situation, for example the Support Group on a Wednesday morning, is available. Please call us to make an appointment.

It’s best to park near the Round House at the end of High Street, or at the E-Shed parking near the Train Station. There is only ½ hour parking on High Street outside our centre.

Yes.  Our onsite Aged Care Service Navigator, Claire Campbell, specialises in connecting people with aged care services.

Yes, our experienced professional staff assist many people to prepare NRS applications.

While our staff don’t work specifically with the NDIS, we can provide basic advice and warm referral to specialist supports.