Dale Lynch

Dale Lynch spent many years with a foster family after placements at St Joseph’s and Castledare.  He is of Aboriginal descent although was unaware of this until meeting his biological family in his early twenties.  Dale first came to 24 High Street in 2008 and has retained an ongoing connection since that time.  He is an Inspirational Speaker with the Heal for Life Foundation, and travelled to England in 2019 to present HfL training modules at Whitemoor maximum security prison.  Dale takes part in public awareness raising activities with Tuart Place, speaking powerfully at the WA Records Summit in 2017; at a ‘Make Redress Right’ briefing at Parliament House in 2018; and a Public Rally to ‘Save Tuart Place’ in 2022.   In 2019, Dale instigated Tuart Place’s submission to the Aged Care Royal Commission, which he co-authored with fellow Board member Margo O’Byrne.  Dale gave an outstanding presentation at the launch of the National Aged Care Roundtable’s website in April 2023, held at Parliament House in Brisbane.