Complaints Process

We aim to provide you with the highest quality services, help and support; whilst developing a sense of community amongst our staff, volunteers and service users. We value your compliments, complaints and suggestions for improvement. Compliments help us to know what we do well and suggestions or complaints can help us to improve our services or performance.

Complaints Procedure

Where possible, we ask you to raise concerns directly with a member of staff. If you have not been able to resolve an issue at this level, please use the following information as a guide for what to do next.

Who can complain?

  • Anyone who uses our services
  • Other agencies
  • Any member of the public

How do I make a complaint?

  • Complaints can be verbal or in writing
  • Use the Complaint Form (available to download below) if you wish to but there is no requirement to do so
  • Although we appreciate the opportunity to respond to your feedback, if you prefer you can forward your complaint anonymously
  • Make your complaint as soon as possible as that makes it easier to investigate what happened
  • You can bring a support person to any meetings

What should I include in my complaint?

  • Describe what happened, sticking to the main facts
  • The date and time of the incident(s)
  • Who was involved
  • Were there any witnesses
  • The outcome you are seeking

Who do I complain to?

  • A member of staff
  • The Director of Tuart Place
  • The Grievance Liaison Officer (GLO) – Gordon Paton who is on site on Mondays. Please book an appointment time by contacting Reception on (08) 6140 2380, Freecall 1800 619 795 or by emailing
  • If your complaint is about the Director please email to request an appointment with the member(s) of the Board of Governance of Tuart Place designated for this task. Your contact details can be placed in a sealed envelope and the designated Board Member will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

How do I lodge a complaint?

Complaints can be:

  • Emailed to
  • Placed in the suggestion box at Reception
  • Made by phone to: (08) 6140 2380; Freecall 1800 619 795 or
  • Mailed to: The Director, Tuart Place, 24 High Street, Fremantle, WA 6160

What happens after I complain?

  • If you have lodged a complaint via the methods in the above section, or if you have discussed your complaint with the Grievance Liaison Officer and wish it to progress further, then a senior staff member from Tuart Place will contact you to discuss your complaint and make sure we understand your concerns and explore what happened.
  • If your complaint involves another person, they will be told of your complaint and we will attempt to resolve the issue with all the involved parties
  • If you make a complaint on someone else’s behalf, we will talk to them and encourage those directly involved to resolve the complaint
  • We will respond to your complaint in a professional, impartial and timely manner
  • We will keep you up to date on the progress of your complaint and advise all parties involved of the outcome of the complaint
  • If you are not satisfied we will provide advice and information for further follow-up in the form of an independent review of the process

Please download and print our Complaint form if you would like to use it to lodge your complaint.