The final report of Northern Ireland’s institutional abuse inquiry was published on 20-1-17, and is available here.

In the section of the report relating to child migration (Module 2), Inquiry Chairman Sir Anthony Hart acknowledges and thanks Tuart Place for its contribution to the Inquiry, and its 2013 submission: Report on the Impacts and Outcomes of Child Migration Experienced by Former Child Migrants from Northern Ireland, which is appended to the HIAI Report.

Given the Inquiry’s initial uncertainty about the eligibility of former child migrants who could not recall their time in Northern Ireland’s institutions, Tuart Place was pleased that a ‘common experience’ payment to former child migrants was recommended in the HIAI’s final report. The idea of a child migration payment became a reality when the Northern Ireland Redress Scheme was launched in March 2020.

Former child migrants who have not already claimed a 20,000GBP Child Migrant payment under the IICSA scheme, can do so under Northern Ireland’s redress scheme.  Those who remember abuse or neglect in Northern Irish institutions can claim additional redress of up to 80,000GBP. Family members of deceased former child migrants may also be eligible to claim.

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