Tuart Place Service Surveys

Favourable outcomes are reported by most survivors who engage with the National Redress Scheme via Tuart Place. Between January and December 2023, we surveyed 60 people who participated in the Scheme with our support. The great majority of feedback was very positive, despite a general acknowledgment that aspects of the Scheme could be improved (particularly the lengthy waiting times). The results of Tuart Place’s ‘snapshot’ survey of NRS applicants is available here.

In 2022, 34 participants responded to the in-house ‘Tell us what you think’ survey. Participants reported that they had developed a greater sense of well-being and further developed their communication and life skills.  The only area identified for potential improvement was in ‘getting the word out’ and raising awareness about the services and support available. Participants were asked to select which three groups of services, (Counselling and Clinical Support; Computer and Life Skills Development; and Social Activities), they had used in the last six months.  Over half of respondents had used services from all three groups and 84% had used two groups.

“Tell us what you think” 2022 Survey

In 2018, 86 people responded to a survey that was mailed to 654 local participants. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with over 88% of respondents saying that as a result of support received from Tuart Place, they felt more confident, more at ease, more socially connected, more able to communicate with others, more able to find/ask for information and support, and more able to make changes in life.

“Do we make a difference?” 2018 Survey

UWA Service Evaluation

In 2014, Tuart Place was evaluated by staff from the UWA School of Population Health, Social Work and Social Policy. The report found that “Tuart Place is leading the way in providing an organisational response to the needs of participants who were abused as children in institutions…”

Tuart Place: Providing Support of Substance for Care Leavers in Western Australia